PIM & DAM Solution for a Electric Appliances Company


The client stands as a prominent electric appliance company, renowned for providing comprehensive appliances for home and industrial. Specializing in next-generation appliances & products, they cater to both retail and institutional customers. From the manufacturing of appliances, fabrication, and installation, they offer end-to-end solutions that epitomize quality and innovation. The client's commitment to excellence has garnered them numerous awards and recognitions, acknowledging their significant contributions.


The client serves numerous customers with diverse product demands. However, the data supplier delivered the product data in a cumbersome and unsuitable taxonomy format, rendering it unusable for the PIM (Product Information Management) system or E-commerce platform setup. To address this challenge, the client’s Data Experts developed a new product taxonomy that aligns with their needs. Unfortunately, manually sorting the extensive product data into these categories using Excel sheets has proven to be chaotic and unsustainable for long-term operations.

Moreover, digital assets, including product specification sheets, images, and videos, were dispersed across different isolated systems, resulting in inconsistency and duplication. The absence of a centralized platform hindered effective collaboration among teams across various plants and offices. Additionally, the client often had to resort to manual approaches to manage product data, resulting in errors and delays in the process.


Our journey started by configuring a tailored Pimcore implementation that perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements. Collaborating closely with the client’s data experts, the Innowinds team devised and crafted a powerful Taxonomy tool. The primary objective was to empower product data experts to effortlessly categorize products into their appropriate taxonomy leaves.

We successfully implemented a robust PIM & DAM solution that centralized and standardized all product information, encompassing specifications, features, and related data. Leveraging a powerful DAM platform, the client gained the ability to efficiently organize, store, and manage a diverse range of digital assets, including images, videos, and technical documentation.


The implementation of the PIM and DAM solution created a centralized and reliable source of truth, streamlining product information and digital asset management. Automation and standardization substantially decreased manual work, resulting in enhanced data accuracy and faster processing. With improved data retrieval and collaboration, the company demonstrated agility in responding to market demands, leading to faster product launches.

The solution also fostered seamless collaboration among teams across different plants and offices, promoting efficient communication and informed decision-making. Customers benefited from accurate and up-to-date product information, resulting in heightened satisfaction and fewer post-sales queries. The overall impact of the PIM and DAM solution has been overwhelmingly positive, elevating the company’s performance and customer experience to new heights.