PIM and DAM Solution for Electrical Engineering and Construction Company


Our client is USA based electrical engineering and construction company. Client provides electrical installation, engineering, energy, renewable energy solar plants, commercial projects, and data centers. The client's commercial, electrical, and data center projects require the selection and installation from over 40,000 tools and items. This process is complex and tedious, as it involves careful planning and coordination to ensure that the right tools are available in the right place at the right time.


The projects undertaken by the customer demand a substantial number of parts for installation in buildings or use as tools. These parts are categorized under various departments such as electrical, networking, or general tools. However, the absence of a centralized system has led to challenges in maintaining a consistent product lifecycle, causing discrepancies between departments and a lack of digital asset management.

The client relied on managing product information using Excel files, along with manually handling the entire product information management and lifecycle through legacy systems. This approach resulted in scattered information, lacking a centralized repository where all the data could be consolidated.

Recognizing this critical need , the customer sought a comprehensive product management and digital asset management platform. The goal is to establish a unified system that ensures synchronization across all departments, streamlines procurement processes, facilitates efficient installation, and enhances the smooth delivery of products.

By implementing this platform, the customer aims to optimize their operations, minimize inefficiencies, and create a cohesive workflow that ultimately leads to successful project execution and enhanced productivity.


Innowinds has devised a solution, harnessing the power of Pimcore as the backend technology. Leveraging Pimcore’s robust Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) frameworks, we successfully established a centralized and seamless management system for diverse product data.

We have developed a Pimcore site featuring a user-friendly self-service frontend, granting different client departments direct access to crucial digital asset such as mechanical designs, manuals, specification sheets, and configuration documentation required for product setup and customization. The solution incorporates a permissions module, empowering clients to manage file access based on specific user roles.

Furthermore, we have taken steps to onboard vendors, enabling them to contribute design specifications for the products they supply. This collaborative approach enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the platform, fostering seamless interactions between clients, departments, and vendors alike.


Implementing Pimcore platform proved to be a game-changer for the client. By centralizing and organizing their digital assets, they were able to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and deliver experiences to field workers.

The implementation of the approval workflow as a part of the solution allowed users from different departments to seamlessly participate in the product life cycle. This enhancement resulted in a significant improvement, effectively reducing the gaps associated with product availability.