Scaling Restaurant Chain Operations through E-commerce


Our client, a renowned restaurant chain with a widespread presence, recognized the necessity of incorporating online food ordering services to stay competitive in the industry. In addition to facilitating digital food orders, they also aspire to offer a comprehensive collection of food recipes while upholding consistent brand identity across all their physical outlets.


The client aims to develop an e-commerce platform to streamline online food orders for consumers. However, the challenge extends beyond the creation of the online store. The client manages numerous local vendors who supply raw materials and other necessities essential for local restaurant operations. To uphold brand uniformity, all vendors must adhere to the same standards regarding the quality, shape, and size of supplies at the local level.

Furthermore, the client seeks to categorize consumers based on their food preferences. This categorization will enable customized campaigns and tailored offers to be presented to each group of consumers.


Product Information Management (PIM): To maintain brand consistency and enhance customer experience, Pimcore platform was implemented. This centralized repository allowed the client to efficiently manage product data, descriptions, images, and specifications. It ensured that accurate and consistent product information was presented to customers across all channels.

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Pimcore’s DAM was leveraged to streamline the management of digital assets such as images, videos, and marketing materials. This ensured that high-quality visuals and branding assets were readily available for marketing campaigns, menus, and promotional materials.

E-commerce Platform: The client embarked on the development of a user-friendly E-commerce platform that would enable customers to conveniently place food orders online. This platform would be accessible through both web and mobile applications, providing a seamless experience to users.


Enhanced Customer Experience:: The E-commerce platform allowed customers to place orders from the comfort of their homes or on the go. User-friendly interfaces and real-time tracking improved customer satisfaction.

Brand Consistency: The PIM system ensured that accurate and consistent product information was displayed across all channels, maintaining a uniform brand image.

Efficient Supplier Management: The integrated PIM system facilitated efficient management of local vendors, ensuring that all suppliers adhered to standardized quality, shape, and size standards.

Streamlined Marketing:The DAM system improved marketing efficiency by providing quick access to high-quality visuals and promotional materials for campaigns, menus, and advertisements.

Customized Campaign: The insights derived from the E-commerce platform’s segmentation capabilities allowed the client to tailor campaigns and offers to specific customer preferences, increasing engagement and loyalty.