Implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Tour & Travel Company


The client is a renowned tours and travel company, specializing in domestic and international packaged tours. Unlike traditional tour providers, the client takes pride in offering a unique experience by empowering users to tailor their packages according to their preferences. This level of customization extends to choosing the type of bus, air ticket, and accommodation, ensuring that every traveler's individual needs are met. Moreover, the client has established strategic partnerships with numerous premium hotels, reliable taxi providers, and reputable bus operators, enhancing the overall travel experience for their esteemed customers.


The client had a vision to develop a robust system capable of efficiently managing an extensive array of digital assets, including images, videos, and comprehensive information about their diverse product offerings, encompassing hotels, buses, historical and natural attractions, single-day tours, and multi-day tours. The primary goal was to enable dynamic creation and seamless publication of travel packages on their website and various marketing channels.

Additionally, the client sought to empower their tour managers to construct and curate travel packages specific to geographical regions, while ensuring a streamlined product lifecycle from tour package ideation to eventual retirement. The system had to facilitate the seamless transfer of tour package details and digital assets to their custom eCommerce website and other channels for enhanced visibility and customer engagement.


After carefully understanding the client’s business requirements and needs, we proposed Pimcore as the core system for their product and digital assets management, prioritizing scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness. To ensure seamless integration with various systems, we adopted a headless approach, which also set the foundation for future scalability and integrations.

Pimcore would serve as the central repository for all product-related data, empowering the client to efficiently manage their diverse tour packages, accommodation options, transportation services, and attraction details. The platform’s flexibility allowed the client to define customizable attributes, facilitating the creation of tailor-made tour packages based on individual preferences

For the storage and organization of digital media assets, including images, videos, brochures, and promotional materials, Pimcore proved to be the perfect solution. By centralizing all assets in Pimcore, we ensured easy binding with customized products, streamlining content creation and enhancing the overall customer experience.


The implementation of PIM and DAM using Pimcore delivered numerous benefits to the tour and travel company.

Streamlined Product Management: The centralized PIM system facilitated efficient management of product information, resulting in a unified and up-to-date product repository.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With real-time updates and consistent data, the company could provide personalized and accurate travel packages, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Improved Media Asset Utilization: Pimcore’s DAM system enabled the easy organization and retrieval of media assets, optimizing content creation and marketing efforts.

Efficient Collaboration: Pimcore’s integrated PIM and DAM fostered better collaboration among teams, leading to enhanced productivity and faster content publishing.

Future-Ready Solution: Pimcore’s open-source nature and scalability ensured that the tour and travel company had a flexible and adaptable platform to meet their evolving needs.